Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Museum Is Now Closed

The week of our exhibition at Room 212 has, all too quickly, come to an end. It was a successful event in a variety of ways; we had a lot of people attend, we sold many more items than we expected and the positive comments and feedback were encouraging and complimentary. All in all it was a thoroughly worthwhile and positive experience for us both.

If you missed the opportunity to go round the exhibition, or if you would just like to re-live the experience, then please have a look at the video below.
If you have trouble loading the video then please go here to see it, where you will also see many, many photos of the exhibition

Thank you if you were able to attend and extra special thanks if you were one of the many people who bought something. We hope you like your purchases.

We hope to re-open the museum once more at a future date, possibly in Room 212 again or maybe in another gallery. If you can recommend somewhere we can exhibit or just want to get in touch then please e-mail the museum’s efficient administrative staff at

Kind regards,

Smith & Jones, Museum Curators

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